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At ElWell we offer people the information, options and support they’re looking for as their parents get older. Having both seen first-hand just how difficult it is to know what to do, or where to turn when caring for an ageing relative, we want to use our experience and expertise to make life easier for families going through just that. Head to our website for everything from physiotherapist-approved exercises to healthcare tips and innovative product reviews, including why we rate Amazon Echo for our parents.

‘We were inspired by our personal and professional caregiving experience to start ElWell. Our online hub is bursting with relevant and timely information to help people in the sandwich generation.’

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Amazon Echo Show Review by ElWell

If you’ve ever worried about your parents’ safety at home, or simply want a failsafe way to connect then the Amazon Echo Show is for you. It includes features such as;

  • Alexa drop in – Similar to a home intercom system, the ‘drop in’ feature lets you instantly connect and communicate over video call with someone else. The best benefit of Alexa video calling via drop in is that your elderly parent doesn’t need to answer the call – as the name suggests, you literally drop in on them and it connects automatically!

  • Alexa Show And Tell – A voice command feature that helps partially sighted and blind people identify common household objects that are hard to distinguish by touch.

  • Ring Doorbell Monitoring – By connecting it to both your and their Alexa via the Ring app, you can ask Alexa who is at their door, and a video feed will automatically show. So if you’re not familiar with who’s at the door, you can tell your parents not to open it, facilitating elderly safety.

  • Ask My Buddy – Ask My Buddy lets you allocate contacts to alert in a time of need. Set it up on your parent’s device and they can tell Alexa to alert you if needed. It’s an alternative to a separate telecare solution.

  • Elderly Home Safety – Set up Alexa Guard to connect with your device and alert you if someone is breaking in (it listens for the sound of breaking glass) or if a smart smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm goes off.

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