Our Story

In 2011, Welsh Guard Fred Lloyd George met Irish Guard Alex Hamilton on a training course. On leaving the army, both embarked on relatively mirrored careers in health and care. They quickly became sounding boards for friends and family exasperated by a struggling system, further hampered by Covid-19 and unable to find good, consistent care for their loved ones. Hamilton George was born out of a need for a service that is entirely focused on the individual; is fully family-orientated and makes the relationship with care a positive one.

Hamilton George provides a unique service for private clients and their families, handpicking our carers and training them via our CQC accredited Hamilton George Carer School. Our programmes are highly personalised and the care is as bespoke as the individual who receives it. That’s what sets us apart; we really understand.

If you are looking for care for a loved one, or simply planning ahead for your own future, call us on 07470 930264 to discuss your care needs.

Meet the team

Guy has a wealth of personal and professional experience setting up and managing care. He is the first point of contact at Hamilton George ensuring our families have market leading advice on how to set up and get the most from their carers and the whole team. A true perfectionist, his goal is to ensure our families receive high quality care that is life enhancing.
Guy Muir
Head of Care Strategy
guy@hamiltongeorgecare.com07470 930264
Alyce is our trained nurse and organises the clinical requirements for each care programme. Alyce lends her expert knowledge to each client’s care plan, ensuring that all the daily and specialist needs are met. Having studied at the prestigious Deakin University in Australia, Alyce is hugely passionate about care outcomes and conducts regular visits and check-ins to ensure the care is being delivered to the standards she expects.
Alyce Sheedy
Director of Clinical Operations & Registered Nurse
alyce@hamiltongeorgecare.com07760 676949
Fred oversees the entire care process from start to finish and is passionate about delivering life-enhancing live-in care. Following time in the Welsh Guards, Fred has spent 10 years in public and private care delivery, advising families on care structures.
Fred Lloyd George
Founder & Managing Director
fred@hamiltongeorgecare.com07437 485132
Emma is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with experts including our GP Advisory Board, alongside the development and success of other commercial activities. Working closely with every member of the team, she ensures that as a business we provide market leading care.
Emma White
Commercial Director
Jasper works closely with our new and existing carers, both in the UK and via our South Africa hub, ensuring only the very best join the Hamilton George books. With Alyce, he meticulously identifies carer characteristics and experience to match them with our clients and families.
Jasper Lawson
Head of Operations
jasper@hamiltongeorgecare.com07379 245449
Rachel works closely with our clients and families to ensure the ongoing care runs without issue. Rachel is constantly updating on the next steps for care and is on hand for any specific request you may have.
Rachel Loryman
Senior Relationship Manager
rachel@hamiltongeorgecare.com07831 246 355

It’s so important to understand who the client is, what brings them joy and how they want to live their life. Only by taking the time to understand this can you find a carer who will work. When care is delivered by a committed and experienced individual, it can be life changing

Thinking about care?
If you are thinking about live-in care for you, a family member or friend then call us on 07470 930264 to see how we can help.
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If you or a loved one require care we will guide a conversation to assess what type of companionship, care and medical support is required before producing the tailored care strategy and delivery plan.

We understand that every situation is unique and that it is often difficult to understand the intricacies of care and the options available. We are happy to answer any questions you have and will do our best to help, so please do get in touch.

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