Delivering bespoke live in care that is life enhancing.

Bespoke Care That Is Life Enhancing

We take the time to understand the individual needs of our clients and their family before matching them with our expert carers


Hamilton George Care

Our small and dedicated team work with a limited number of clients to ensure we provide a highly tailored service

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We work with a limited number of private clients across the UK to provide a highly tailored service

Setting out rigorous selection and training criteria, we only work with the best carers

We take our time to listen and understand individual needs, offering interviews with our recommended carers

Client approved carers are provided on longstanding rotations to ensure the continuity of care

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Fully Regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), we work with a limited number of clients to ensure a complete understanding of needs.

Our carers are supported by our in-house nurse and receive training at our in-house Hamilton George Carer School, which is CPD Certified.

The care recipient is involved in decision making where possible, ensuring we build strong relationships with them and their families and deliver exceptional care.

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How The Service Works

As a family orientated live-in care consultancy, we curate unique strategies that support both the care recipient and their family.
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We guide a conversation to assess the type of carer that would best suit care as well as the medical and emotional support the person receiving care requires. We then produce a tailored care strategy and delivery plan.

Carer Selection

From our trusted network of outstanding carers, we provide a shortlist for the client and any relevant decision makers to interview. These carers receive training at our in-house school, which is accredited by the CPD.
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Care Set-Up

Our registered nurse ensures the carers fully understand the care delivery requirements, making the necessary starting arrangements and completing an inspection of the property to make certain the highest standards have been met.
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Ongoing Support

A dedicated team is on hand to anticipate the client needs and provide emergency or additional care as required. Where necessary, we redesign the care plan to maintain the highest standards of care delivery.

“We would highly recommend Hamilton George Care. The care and attention they put into finding the right carers was outstanding. In addition they were happy to provide any training that was needed for Mums very specialist care needs with motor neurone disease.

Fred kept in regular contact to ensure the smooth running of everything and we got a far more personalised service than you would with the larger agencies. Our carers were wonderful and thanks to their professionalism we were able to keep Mummy at home until the end. We will be eternally grateful to them all.

Flora, Oxfordshire

Care Packages

Taking into consideration the variety of needs and requirements, and keen to simplify the process for our customers, we offer three care packages tailored to each client and their family and one set price.

Live-In Personal Carer

A live-in carer will provide your loved one with 24/7 support in their own home. Live-in care offers the client and their family complete peace of mind and delivers a service that allows for the client to have independence and security.

Care And First-Aid Qualified Housekeeper

Our care and first aid qualified housekeepers provide support for our clients and families at the point before live-in personal care is required. They are an excellent way of introducing the concept of care and being prepared for the future.

High Needs Senior Carer Support

When your loved one requires complex care support we are able to provide senior carers to support them in continuing to live their life from home.

Our Foundations Of Care

We aim to have our client’s selected carers on longstanding rotations in order to build relationships, limit change and ensure continuity of care.

As care needs increase it may be necessary to provide additional complex support, and this may include the following;

Specialist care delivery, for example PEG feeding
Advanced forms of dementia and illnesses including challenging behaviour
Specialist moving and handling requirements, for example hoists
Multiple night waking care

Our Story

“It is so important to understand who the client is, to find out what brings them joy, and how they want to live their life. Only by taking the time to understand this can you find a carer who will work for them.”

Alex Hamilton and Fred Lloyd George first met serving in the Guards in 2011, before moving on to leadership roles in health and care. During this time they both became sounding boards for friends and family who were not happy with the care delivery for their loved ones, and so began helping them to source high quality carers.

They therefore created Hamilton George, searching out these expert carers and working closely with a small number of families. Their highly personalised programmes support both the client and their loved ones, evolving as needs change. They saw that when care was delivered to the highest standards, by an experienced, respectful and deeply committed individual, it could be life enhancing.

“We were fed up with hearing about poor care experiences from family and friends

We know that when care is delivered to the highest standards by an experienced, respectful and deeply committed individual, care can be life changing.

So drawing on our expertise in the health and social care sectors, we created Hamilton George.”

Conversations About Care

A selection or interviews, blogs and product reviews from us and our partners in the world of care

Decluttering and organising – The sorting service you need

By Caroline Hartley at Good Sorts   What are the first signs that someone is struggling to look after themselves?  Sometimes it’s that they’re not eating properly or that personal care is a problem.  And sometimes it’s that day to day housekeeping isn’t what it used to be because accumulating clutter stops the cleaner doing her job properly. Most often, it’s an interconnected web of all three. Deciding to employ a live-in carer can be a difficult, emotionally charged decision for the person needing care and their family. It’s hard to accept that you can’t look after yourself anymore and 

An interview with Fred Lloyd George – Debrett’s

Fred Lloyd George spent six years in the army, including in Afghanistan, before moving on to work in the care sector. After several years at a start-up and then working for NHS Digital, he teamed up with his business partner Alex Hamilton to set up Hamilton George, which provides tailored live-in care and housekeeping support. Debrett’s spoke to Fred about building a team during a pandemic, his key piece of advice to business founders, and how to have conversations about care. Can you tell us about your background before you set up Hamilton George?   I was in the Welsh 

It’s time to talk about care – Hamilton George Consultancy

No one chooses to think about a loved one getting to the point in their lives where they need help to live comfortably at home. At the point where families recognise that support is required, there’s very often little understanding of care options or even how to talk about the emotionally-charged issues involved.   This lack of knowledge can lead to impulsive decisions, which not only involve family members sacrificing their own standard of living, but very often are not in the best interests of the individual requiring support.  We believe it doesn’t have to be like this.  We have launched 

“My mother is very independent and at first resisted the idea of having someone in her home. However, involving her in the process meant we found her the perfect fit from the start. We’ve all got the support we need and I feel like her daughter again.”

Anna, London

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Contact Us

If you or a loved one require care we will guide a conversation to assess what type of companionship, care and medical support is required before producing the tailored care strategy and delivery plan.

We understand that every situation is unique and that it is often difficult to understand the intricacies of care and the options available. We are happy to answer any questions you have and will do our best to help, so please do get in touch.

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