September 15, 2021
July 21, 2022

Should you consider a private GP home visiting service?

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Lindbury Doctors

With the everyday constraints of life and particularly those of recent months, it is not always easy to take the much-needed time out to look after your health, especially when it comes to booking an appointment with a doctor.

Advances in technology such as virtual doctor consultations have understandably become the first step at many practices when evaluating healthcare issues, but they are not always an ideal solution. A personal visit can be unbeatable, particularly for the elderly or for those requiring regular care.

For those looking for something a little more bespoke, we at Linbury Doctors offer a flexible home visiting service to our members. One of the many benefits of a private home visit, is that it allows your GP to spend time getting to know you and your family. But there are plenty more reasons to consider home visits.

We will visit at a time that suits you

As a member of a home visiting service such as Linbury Doctors, you will have access to your own dedicated private GP who you will be able to contact directly. When you’d like to book an appointment, just text, email or call your doctor and they will organise to see you at a time that suits you. With out-of-hours appointments available, you can get on with your day without disruption.

At your private GP home visit, we can discuss the problem, carry out examinations and prescribe any necessary medication from the comfort of your own home. If an urgent appointment is needed, we will try to get to you within the hour.

You can talk about as many issues as you like

There’s no need to book separate appointments for different issues. Your private GP is with you as long as you need them, so you can get everything off your chest and discuss as many things as you’d like to. If you have a family membership, we can also see your children at the same time, if necessary.

Here at Linbury Doctors, caring for the whole family holistically is what we do. We spend time getting to know you so that we can provide a highly individualised, bespoke service.

No time restrictions

One of the things we love most here at Linbury is that we never have to look at our watch during appointments. As members, you can have your private GP as long as you need them. You will never feel rushed and we will ensure everything is covered off before we leave you.

Nothing is ever too ‘small’ or too ‘silly’

We often hear from patients that they don’t want to ‘bother’ their doctor with ‘small’ issues. We say, let us be the judge of that! We always have time for you; no problem is ever too ‘small’ or too ‘silly’. We’d much rather our patients give us a text or call if something is bothering them, and we will pop by and have a chat about it. Whether it’s something that just needs monitoring or whether further action is needed, it’s always best to let your private GP know.

Get your private prescription on the same day

We prescribe any necessary medication at your private GP home visit and, in most cases, you can get it on the same day. Plus, if blood or urine tests are needed, you can get the results the very next day – there’s no more waiting around!

Areas we cover

Our private GPs cover Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, The Cotswolds and surrounding areas. You can find out more about the locations we cover here. Discover more about becoming a member by contacting us on our practice line (0333 050 7338) or filling out our contact form:

You can find out more about our private GPs, Dr Hala Atkin and Dr Lucy Ansell here, or if you’d like to find out more about becoming a member, contact us or visit our membership page.

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