Hamilton George Care proudly announces the establishment of our esteemed Medical Advisory Board this month. By harnessing the expertise of these distinguished medical professionals, we hope the board will play a pivotal role in enhancing patient outcomes.

At Hamilton George Care, our mission is to redefine the concept of aging at home by delivering unparalleled in-home care. Achieving this goal involves several crucial elements.

Firstly, having a compassionate and highly skilled caregiver is paramount. We meticulously vet, train, and continuously support our caregivers to ensure they provide exceptional care. Emotional intelligence and strong communication skills are also vital, enabling caregivers to seamlessly integrate into the patient's home, fostering engagement, and empowering the patient to maintain control over their care plan.

Support, both from our agency and the patient's family, is equally essential. Our agency offers clinical excellence and ongoing problem-solving, while family involvement, understanding the nuances of care delivery, adds invaluable depth to the patient's experience. Additionally, technology serves as a cornerstone, facilitating seamless information sharing among all stakeholders, ensuring clinical excellence and robust care delivery.

Yet, to truly redefine care, one vital aspect often overlooked is the connection between care services and the medical community.

Research conducted by Which? revealed that 15% of individuals seeking information on care options consult their doctors, while 23% rely on Google, making doctors the initial touchpoint in many care journeys. Unfortunately, the care service and medical community often operate in isolation. This gap was glaringly evident during my tenure at NHS Digital amidst the challenges of COVID-19. The lack of alignment between care transformations and the broader healthcare system results in a dearth of understanding within the medical community about available care options.

This disconnect negatively impacts care outcomes. Patients approaching doctors lack essential knowledge about care options, and once in care, there's no established mechanism for maintaining a connection with the medical community, leading to suboptimal outcomes.

At Hamilton George Care, we firmly believe in fostering a close, collaborative relationship with the medical community. Our objective is to optimize care outcomes for our clients through integrated practices:

**Incorporating the Medical Community into In-Home Care:**

1. Expert Knowledge and Support: Medical professionals offer invaluable insights, ensuring accurate diagnosis and effective medication management.


2. Continuous Feedback Loop: Regular communication between care services and medical experts ensures the monitoring of vital signs and timely discussions about disease progression, enabling immediate intervention if needed.


3. Early Intervention: By providing continuous patient information, caregivers and agencies can identify early warning signs, enabling early intervention to prevent complications and extended hospital stays.


4. Coordination and Collaboration: Medical professionals act as trusted care coordinators, triaging conditions, collaborating with other professionals, and ensuring the best care for patients’ needs. In-home medical support becomes feasible, reducing the necessity for hospital visits.

With these benefits in mind, Hamilton George Care has assembled a distinguished Medical Advisory Board, including leading professionals in General Practice, Neurology, and Geriatric Medicine. Led by Dr Simon Moore MBBS, DRCOG, FRCGP, founder of Moore Medical Practice, Chelsea, the group comprises some of the UKs most experienced and esteemed practitioners. We are honored to collaborate with these esteemed professionals as we push the boundaries of excellent care delivery.

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