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Heidi Herkes at Hay Festival 2022

Hay-on-Wye Festival with Heidi Herkes

I’m Heidi Herkes. A lifestyle influencer & personal stylist with a disability. I’m a great believer that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger & humour is my go to!  I have a keen interest in fashion, style & all things travel. I’m also mostly seen, living my best life, accompanied by my scruffy but oh so handsome, fun-loving Doodle, Hadley.    This week I had a fabulous day exploring the wonders of Hay-on-Wye Festival with Hamilton George Care. Providing support for private clients across the UK, their unique care programs are highly tailored and their handpicked team are dedicated 
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Decluttering and organising – The sorting service you need

By Caroline Hartley at Good Sorts   What are the first signs that someone is struggling to look after themselves?  Sometimes it’s that they’re not eating properly or that personal care is a problem.  And sometimes it’s that day to day housekeeping isn’t what it used to be because accumulating clutter stops the cleaner doing her job properly. Most often, it’s an interconnected web of all three. Deciding to employ a live-in carer can be a difficult, emotionally charged decision for the person needing care and their family. It’s hard to accept that you can’t look after yourself anymore and 
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Should You Consider A Private GP Home Visiting Service?

By the Linbury Doctors   With the everyday constraints of life and particularly those of recent months, it is not always easy to take the much-needed time out to look after your health, especially when it comes to booking an appointment with a doctor. Advances in technology such as virtual doctor consultations have understandably become the first step at many practices when evaluating healthcare issues, but they are not always an ideal solution. A personal visit can be unbeatable, particularly for the elderly or for those requiring regular care. For those looking for something a little more bespoke, we at 
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Thinking About Making A Lasting Power Of Attorney?

By Molly Wills, Solicitor at Hunters Law Why make a LastingPower of Attorney? Most people are aware of the importance of making a Will to provide what should happen to your estate in the event of your death.  It is also possible to make provision for the management of your affairs in the event of your becoming incapable of managing them yourself during your lifetime.  This can be done by making a document called a Lasting Power of Attorney or ‘LPA’.   As the risk of mental incapacity increases (e.g. with old age or illness), so the importance of having an 
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Prepare to care – The Age Space practical guide for planning care

By Annabel James, Founder of Age Space Supporting or caring for elderly parents and relatives unfortunately doesn’t come with a manual; neither is it something most of us prepare for, despite the fact that it will come to most of us in some shape or form. Elderly care and the decisions that may need to be made are labyrinthine and complicated.  Care is central to everything, but it’s wrapped up with financial and legal issues, practical every day concerns, and of course strong emotions.  All of this becomes magnified if decisions need to be made fast in a medical emergency 
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Ten Considerations When Planning Care

I am deeply fortunate that in my role as a Private GP I have the opportunity to build longstanding relationships with my patients and their families. This becomes even more relevant during times of illness and has given me the opportunity to understand the dynamics at play when planning care. It is no secret that being able to afford private care allows one to access a level of individualised care that the state is unlikely to be able to match. That said, having worked both as a GP within the NHS and now privately, I have witnessed varying standards of 
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Technology For Independent Living

At ElWell we offer people the information, options and support they’re looking for as their parents get older. Having both seen first-hand just how difficult it is to know what to do, or where to turn when caring for an ageing relative, we want to use our experience and expertise to make life easier for families going through just that. Head to our website for everything from physiotherapist-approved exercises to healthcare tips and innovative product reviews, including why we rate Amazon Echo for our parents. ‘We were inspired by our personal and professional caregiving experience to start ElWell. Our online hub 
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