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Author: Fred Lloyd George

Plans to ‘overhaul’ the social sector – but don’t forget the carers

By Fred Lloyd George It is good news that social care is at the forefront of political agendas. Regardless of the details surrounding the reform announced by Boris Johnson last week, and the means to pay for it, the drive to ‘solve’ systemic issues with the way care is provided in the community and it’s interlinking with health and the NHS has opened up conversation and highlighted the dedication of hardworking carers.   It is interesting that the social care sector, as well as welcoming the investment and potential reforms, have shown concern over how carers will be treated and 
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Planning Your Family’s Care

We hope many of you are enjoying the latest season of the excellent BBC comedy Motherland. For us there was one scene that stood out – the moment that Julia realises she will need to provide full time care for her mother. The horror; the shock; the screaming into a towel; this may be over-dramatised, but it is certainly representative of a position that many in the ‘sandwich generation’ find themselves in. We have a lot of very difficult conversations with senior members of our family, whether it is inheritance, funeral arrangements or financing retirement. However it seems that care 
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