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Monthly Archives: June 2021

Planning Your Family’s Care

We hope many of you are enjoying the latest season of the excellent BBC comedy Motherland. For us there was one scene that stood out – the moment that Julia realises she will need to provide full time care for her mother. The horror; the shock; the screaming into a towel; this may be over-dramatised, but it is certainly representative of a position that many in the ‘sandwich generation’ find themselves in. We have a lot of very difficult conversations with senior members of our family, whether it is inheritance, funeral arrangements or financing retirement. However it seems that care 
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Ten Considerations When Planning Care

I am deeply fortunate that in my role as a Private GP I have the opportunity to build longstanding relationships with my patients and their families. This becomes even more relevant during times of illness and has given me the opportunity to understand the dynamics at play when planning care. It is no secret that being able to afford private care allows one to access a level of individualised care that the state is unlikely to be able to match. That said, having worked both as a GP within the NHS and now privately, I have witnessed varying standards of 
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Technology For Independent Living

At ElWell we offer people the information, options and support they’re looking for as their parents get older. Having both seen first-hand just how difficult it is to know what to do, or where to turn when caring for an ageing relative, we want to use our experience and expertise to make life easier for families going through just that. Head to our website for everything from physiotherapist-approved exercises to healthcare tips and innovative product reviews, including why we rate Amazon Echo for our parents. ‘We were inspired by our personal and professional caregiving experience to start ElWell. Our online hub 
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